Congratulation| Oneway Robotics Successfully Recognized as a “National High-Tech Enterprise”!

We are delighted to announce that Changsha Oneway Robotics Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained the recognition as a “National High-Tech Enterprise”! This accolade is a commendation of our relentless efforts in technological innovation and corporate development, a testament to the collective dedication of our team. We will continue to focus on research and development in high-tech areas, providing excellent services and products to our customers. Thank you for your ongoing support!

The recognition as a “National High-Tech Enterprise” is a prestigious honor overseen and supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Taxation Administration. Established to encourage technological innovation and propel economic development, this designation sets strict requirements for enterprises in terms of core independent intellectual property, technology transfer capabilities, research and development organizational management, and various growth indicators. It serves as a stringent validation of a company’s research capabilities, technological proficiency, and is currently one of the most authoritative evaluations in China regarding a company’s overall technological strength.

The reaffirmation of Wanwei Robot’s status as a “High-Tech Enterprise” is not only a comprehensive affirmation of the company’s strength but also a recognition of its capabilities and achievements in technological innovation. Simultaneously, it signifies a more robust stride forward on the path of independent innovation and research and development for the company.

National High-Tech Enterprise Plaque

In the future, we will leverage the recognition as a National High-Tech Enterprise as an opportunity to continually deepen efforts in technological innovation and outcome transformation. We aim to further enhance our independent innovation capabilities, elevate core competitiveness, and amplify brand influence. We are committed to actively fulfilling social responsibilities, providing high-quality products and services to society, customers, and partners, and achieving even greater success. Stay tuned for more achievements!

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