Since 2014, provided services for 1000+ customer sites


Having comprehensive technology development capabilities in autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence, and other full-stack technologies


Possessing modern processing and assembly production lines to ensure product quality

Customization available

Can customize the development of robots and controller hardware according to customer requirements

Who we are

Mobile robot and system solution provider

Oneway Robotics Co., Ltd. is equipped with powerful full-stack technical development capabilities in areas such as unmanned driving, intelligent control, Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and system development. The company has applied for more than 200 technical patents, including nearly 50 invention patents, and has been honored as a national high-tech enterprise、an industry-integrated transformation enterprise、 an advanced manufacturing enterprise and a specialized & Innovative enterprise. The company has obtained certifications for weapon quality management system and equipment quality management system.

Our products

Mobile security patrol robot and system solution provider


Mainly applied to security patrols in indoor and outdoor scenarios,such as residential community, office building, villas, and industrial park


Mainly applied in indoor and outdoor scenarios,such as commercial square, shopping mall, business street, scenic area, exhibition hall, and service hall etc


Police patrol and duty robots are suitable for use in police station, major event, and conference scene etc


Mainly applied in outdoor work scenarios, such as port, chemical plant, and power substation. Suitable for places with complex human and vehicular dynamics and high operational risks


Mainly applied in special work scenarios,such as military camp, border outpost, airport facility, and material warehouse

Universal four-wheel chassis

Based on a four-wheel chassis, it can be developed into various types of robots, including patrol、delivery、food delivery and service robot etc

Our solution

Providing you with advanced robot solution

The company possesses full-stack research and development technologies in unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and intelligent control. We can provide you with advanced solutions in robotics, systems, IoT, intelligent control, and more.

Property IoT solution

Based on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, sensors, wireless networks, and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, a comprehensive and real-time security network is formed by connecting various security devices and systems. Whether it's security robots, access control systems, surveillance systems, elevator control systems, or fire protection systems, they can be uniformly managed and scheduled through IoT technology, ensuring comprehensive security coverage for the property park.

Customized service robot solution

Oneway Robotics can provide service robot solutions with different functions, such as patrol robot and delivery robot. This assists in the intelligent operation and maintenance of parks, innovation in smart technology, and the governance of smart cities

Special robot customization solution

Oneway Robot can provide advanced special robot solutions and customized services to customers in mining, fire protection, military industry, electric power and other industries.

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