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A patrol robot is an autonomously moving robot designed for patrolling and monitoring specific areas such as commercial districts, industrial zones, or security-sensitive areas.

Patrol robots are primarily used in security, surveillance, patrolling, data collection, and other fields, serving as a replacement or supplement to human patrols.

Patrol robots are typically equipped with sensors, cameras, lidar, and other devices to perceive their surroundings for navigation, target recognition, and executing patrol tasks.

Yes, some advanced patrol robots have the capability to respond to emergency situations, such as issuing alerts when anomalies are detected and transmitting real-time data to a control center.

Patrol robots usually possess a certain level of adaptability, functioning in various environmental conditions such as indoor, outdoor, complex terrains, etc.

Yes, some patrol robots are designed with human-machine interaction interfaces, allowing communication and command delivery through methods like voice, images, or touch screens.

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