Customized Service Robot Solution

Oneway Robotics can provide service robot solutions with various functions such as patrol and delivery. This aids in supporting intelligent operation and maintenance of parks, innovation in smart technology, and governance in smart cities.

Solution Overview

In the EXPO 2020 DUBAI UAE, Robotics provided TERMINUS with a robot solution featuring various functions such as patrol and delivery. During the 6-month Expo, robot products were used to provide over 3 million offline food deliveries, more than 1,000 epidemic prevention and disinfection sessions, over 2,000 patrols and more than 200 million inquiry services. The outstanding performance received high praise from customers and made a significant contribution to the exploration of intelligent operation and maintenance, smart technology innovation, and smart city governance at the Expo.

Solution Advantages

Four-wheel drive chassis

It has four-wheel independent drive, independent suspension, and independent steering chassis, so it has excellent mobility and obstacle surmounting capabilities. Advanced sensor configuration, including 16-line 3D lidar, ultrasonic sensor and anti-fall sensor, can achieve excellent autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance capabilities; 55-centimeter width for flexible passage through narrow and complex indoor environments.

Pioneering Modular Design

By combining epidemic prevention and disinfection, item distribution and delivery, and exhibition display into one, operating costs are greatly reduced. The modular design of the universal mobile platform allows for easy switching of disinfection modules to other robot functional modules when disinfection functionality is not needed, thus achieving the highest level of operational efficiency。

World Expo Service Robot Series

Security Patrol Robot

Oneway security patrol robot is designed for outdoor security patrols. The whole system consists of the robot and a management system. The robot communicates with the backend through cellular networks (4G or 5G), enabling outdoor patrol duty, panoramic monitoring, intelligent recognition, monitoring and warning, remote handling, patrol broadcasting, and other core functions. It supports 24/7 360-degree panoramic surveillance, real-time video intercom, intelligent image recognition, and various essential features. From traffic inspection stations and campuses to industrial parks, it has been deployed in various closed public environments.

Service Robot

The service robot can provide information, guide visitors, engage in intelligent Q&A, and carry out advertising and promotion functions. They can be flexibly configured to meet customized requirements. Currently, they are widely used in airports, high-speed rail stations, train stations, large-scale events, as well as in banking, retail, museums, and public sites etc.

Disinfection Robot

The disinfection robot is the world’s first disinfection robot designed for large indoor public spaces. With advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and innovative modular design, it can autonomously navigate, avoid obstacles, and move to the designated disinfection area. It performs 360-degree thorough disinfection around the target area, leaving no dead zones. It can achieve human-robot separation, reducing human contact and effectively lowering the risk of infection. This not only makes sterilization and disinfection more efficient but also significantly improves safety.

Delivery Robot

The delivery robot is a series of intelligent modular robots developed for modern usage environments. It features autonomous delivery, intelligent obstacle avoidance, fall and collision prevention, autonomous voice prompts, autonomous charging, and more. It is the first intelligent delivery robot series suitable for indoor and outdoor scenarios ,such as hotels, hospitals, parks, offices etc.

How it works

Customization process

Requirements Analysis

Engage in in-depth communication with the customer to understand their requirements, including work scenarios, types of tasks, performance requirements etc.

Solution Design

Design a specialized robot solution that meets their needs, including robot structure, control system, sensor configuration etc.

Prototype Manufacturing

Produce prototypes according to the design, conduct testing, and optimization.

Mass Production

After testing and optimization, proceed with mass production to ensure product quality and delivery timelines.

Customized project

Robot Structure

Based on customer needs,we design a robot structure that meets the customer's work scenarios and task requirements, including dimensions、weight、stability etc.

Control System

Utilize an advanced control system to achieve precise control and efficient operation of the robot. This includes motor drive, sensor data collection, and processing.

Sensor Configuration

Configure appropriate sensors, such as visual sensors, tactile sensors, infrared sensors, etc., based on task requirements.

Software System

Develop a dedicated software system to enable functions such as remote control, data collection, and analysis for the robot.

After-Sales Service

Provide comprehensive after-sales service, including technical consultation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and support.


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