Industrial AGV/AMR Solution

Oneway Robotics can provide advanced AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) transportation, transfer solutions, and customized services for factory, warehouse, and logistics clients.

Solution overview

Oneway manufactured industrial AMR robot is a transportation robot specifically developed for use in factory workshop scenarios. The entire system consists of the robot body, control system, and a fixture controlled by a PLC. Interconnected through WiFi, it receives scheduling commands from the workshop logistics control system, fulfilling the material transfer function between workstations.

Solution Advantages

Addressing Labor Shortages

This solution is based on industrial autonomous driving technology, SLAM navigation positioning, artificial intelligence, and multi-sensor fusion technology. It can replace manual tasks such as loading, transportation, and unloading. It finds broad applications in industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, and warehousing, particularly in the face of labor shortages, providing an efficient solution.

Non-stop Rapid Deployment

No need to modify infrastructure; on-site deployment is swift. Ordinary engineers can easily map and operate without production stoppages or upgrades, ensuring maximum production line efficiency. The company provides professional engineers for on-site debugging and training to ensure the system is quickly and smoothly put into operation.

Seamless Integration with Existing Equipment

The solution offers standard automation interfaces, seamlessly linking with existing equipment such as conveyors, containers, lifting systems, elevators, and automatic door control systems, ensuring the smooth automation of operations and enhancing overall production efficiency.

EPR/MES Data Integration

Through robot management system, it can integrate with the factory's ERP and MES management systems, achieving real-time, intelligent, and remote scheduling of multiple robots. This enhances the precision and efficiency of production scheduling.

Solution Components

Intelligent Scheduling System

Through the intelligent scheduling system, task assignment, path planning, and dispatch management for AGV/AMR robots can be achieved. The system dynamically adjusts task assignments and path planning based on real-time logistics demands and robot status, ensuring a smooth and efficient logistics process.

Multi-Robot Collaboration System

In a multi-robot collaboration system, multiple AGV/AMR robots can work together to accomplish complex logistics tasks. The system, through intelligent algorithms and communication technology, facilitates information sharing and collaboration among robots, enhancing logistics efficiency and accuracy.

Navigation System

The navigation system is a crucial technology for enabling autonomous navigation of AGV/AMR robots. Utilizing advanced navigation algorithms and sensor technology ensures precise robot positioning, path planning, and obstacle avoidance, ensuring stable and safe operation in complex industrial environments.

Data Analysis and Visualization System

The data analysis and visualization system can monitor and analyze real-time operational data of AGV/AMR robots, providing rich data reports and visual charts. This helps management personnel promptly understand the operational status and efficiency of the robots, providing data support for optimizing the logistics process.

Intelligent Charging System

The intelligent charging system manages the automatic charging of AGV/AMR robots, ensuring timely recharging when their battery levels are low. This prevents disruptions to the normal logistics operation due to insufficient power.

Safety Protection System

The safety protection system is a crucial safeguard to ensure the safe and reliable operation of AGV/AMR robots. Employing various safety measures such as ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, infrared obstacle avoidance, emergency stop buttons, etc., ensures that robots can promptly stop or take other safety measures when encountering obstacles or abnormal situations.

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