Special Robot Customization Solution

Oneway robotics can provide advanced specialized robot solutions and customization services for clients in industries such as mining, firefighting, military, and power.

Solution overview

Oneway robotics has comprehensive technical development capabilities in robot technology, including positioning navigation, voice interaction, image recognition, motion control, environmental perception, and more. The company can provide advanced one-stop solutions and customization services for hardware, software, algorithms, systems, platforms, communication, etc., for clients in various industries. Currently, they have developed multiple specialized robot products for top clients such as CCCC, National University of Defense Technology, Hunan University, etc., and these products have been widely applied in military, mining, firefighting, and other fields.

Customized products

Reconnaissance Robot

The reconnaissance robot is a small tracked robot with dual swinging arms. This product allows for remote control of the robot to perform indoor and outdoor reconnaissance, climb stairs, transmit images, take photos and record videos, GPS positioning, and more. It has advantages such as small size, light weight, powerful mobility, strong climbing and obstacle-crossing capabilities, and low noise. Currently, it is widely used in military reconnaissance, outdoor exploration, field research, pipeline inspection, vehicle chassis inspection, and other applications.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot

It is a bomb disposal robot designed for handling explosive-related tasks and can also be used for reconnaissance in terrain difficult for humans to reach. It supports the use of various accessories, including explosive rope hooks, explosive disposal devices, explosive detection equipment, and remote detonation of explosive materials. It features strong obstacle-crossing capabilities, suitability for different road surfaces, a flexible mechanical arm, and high operational precision. It is currently applied in various explosive ordnance disposal scenarios.

Fire Inspection Robot

It is an intelligent, integrated system for early warning and response. Based on a well-established six-wheel chassis platform, the robot undergoes structural and electrical design modifications. It is equipped with facilities for inspecting power stations and firefighting, enabling functions such as autonomous patrolling, fire source detection and alarm, and firefighting. With strong load-bearing capacity, long battery life, and high water jet pressure, it is currently deployed in scenarios such as national power grid ultra-high voltage substations, power plants, and flammable goods warehouses.

Military Interference vehicle

It is a robot designed for executing electromagnetic interference tasks. Built on a six-wheel-drive chassis, it is equipped with a suite of features including unmanned driving, electromagnetic interference, panoramic monitoring, and remote control. Capable of generating electromagnetic waves for interference, it induces and disrupts control devices through electromagnetic induction. The vehicle demonstrates excellent off-road performance, long control range, and strong endurance. It has been deployed in critical locations such as government facilities, prisons, military bases, and strategic military sites.

How it works

Customization process

Requirements Analysis

Engage in in-depth communication with the client to understand the specific needs of the specialized robot, including work scenarios, types of tasks, and performance requirements.

Solution Design

Based on the requirements analysis, create a specialized robot solution that aligns with the client's needs, covering key elements such as robot structure, control system, and sensor configuration.

Prototype Production

Manufacture prototypes according to the design solution, conducting comprehensive testing and optimization to ensure the stability and performance of the robot in real-world applications.

Mass Production

Following confirmed testing and optimization of the prototypes, proceed with mass production to ensure consistent product quality and delivery timelines. Continuous communication with the client during the production phase is maintained to ensure the final product meets their expectations.

Customized project

Robot Structure

Design a robot structure that meets the requirements of the working environment and tasks, including dimensions, weight, and stability.

Control System

Implement an advanced control system to achieve precise control and efficient operation of the robot, including motor drive, sensor data acquisition, and processing.

Sensor Configuration

Configure suitable sensors based on task requirements, such as visual sensors, tactile sensors, infrared sensors, etc.

Software System

Develop a dedicated software system to enable remote control, data acquisition, and analysis functions for the robot.

After-Sales Service

Provide comprehensive after-sales services, including technical consultation, troubleshooting, maintenance etc.


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