Six-wheel and six-wheel drive chassis

Six-wheel and six-wheel drive chassis

It is suitable for outdoor uneven roads and can be used in the development of robots such as inspection, reconnaissance, and delivery. It has the characteristics of omnidirectional movement, flexible steering, large load capacity, strong climbing ability, and long endurance, and can be applied to various complex working environments. This chassis has been successfully used in military camps, border posts, airports, factory warehouses and other places.

Product Details

Product advantages:


1,000,000㎡mappingCloud management system300kg load capacityAutomotive hardware platformSupport secondary development


Chassis performance:


  • High reliability

The robot chassis is designed with six vehicle-level independent modules and supports IP67 protection level, with stable performance and high reliability. The chassis frame is integrally welded, lightweight and stable, and can meet various harsh environment applications.


  • High precision control

The robot chassis uses a multi-pole hub motor and a high-power-density motor driver. The motor integrates photoelectric and Hall encoders. The precise position information of the rotor is obtained through a fusion algorithm. The driver uses advanced data fusion and interpolation algorithms to improve the position signal resolution. This enables high-precision driving control.


  • High flexibility

The chassis adopts a steering gear controller, six-wheel independent high-precision steering gear and adjustable suspension, which can realize turning in place and small-radius turning while walking, making the turning smooth and flexible. It can adapt to turning and passing on various narrow road sections.


  • Strong load-bearing capacity

The robot chassis adopts a high-power power system, integrates multiple overload protections, supports twice the rated load of its own weight, is suitable for carrying various types of equipment, and is highly expandable.


  • Strong expansion ability

Supports hardware and software expansion, supports robotic arms, sensor mounting parts, underlying drivers and communication protocols, supports ROS and Linux, and pre installed ROS.



Low-speed automated driving (LSAD) technology 


Autonomous mapping:


Fusion encoding disk, IMU, LiDAR, Map construction algorithm for visual and other multivariate data, 1,000,000㎡mapping



Navigation planning:


It has the shortest, fastest and safest path planning algorithm, and has the ability to combine and plan multiple navigation methods in the same road section.



Fusion positioning:


Based on LiDAR, GPS, IMU, vision and other multi-sensor fusion positioning, autonomous switching of positioning methods in indoor and outdoor environments



Fusion sensing:


Integrating multiple sensing technologies such as LiDAR, millimeter wave, ultrasonic, collision, and vision, it has functions such as autonomous charging and obstacle avoidance.



Product parameters:




Basic parameters






Rated load


Operating temperature



Six-wheel drive


Maximum climbing angle


Maximum obstacle clearance height


Battery life

8 hours

Battery capacity


Sport mode


Drive mode

Six-wheel drive

Turning radius

Turn in place|Turn radius is 0

Hub motor

12.5 inches

Extended communication interface

Standard CAN/RJ45/485


Autonomous navigation


Maximum short-term wading depth


Maximum remote control speed





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