ANBOT-S security patrol robot

ANBOT-S security patrol robot

Mainly used in indoor and outdoor scenarios such as commercial plazas, shopping centers, commercial streets, scenic spots, exhibition halls, service halls, etc. It has the characteristics of fashionable appearance, long battery life, and supports cross-layer patrol. It supports the networking of police security systems and can collaborate with security guards for night patrols and duty. It can also carry out large-screen advertising and human-computer interaction Q&A during working hours, which can save labor costs, reduce safety hazards, and increase venue advertising revenue.

Product Details

Product advantages:


Super navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities: Based on ONEWAY team’s 10-year self-developed robot Low-speed automated driving (LSAD) systems, chassis motion control technology and modular chassis design with stable and reliable performance.


Support cross-floor and multi-area patrols: Through the self-developed gate&elevator IoT module, the robot can be linked with elevators and gate to achieve multi-area walking and cover a larger patrol area.


High-accuracy intelligent algorithm: Based on ONEWAY CLOUD's image deep learning and artificial intelligence technology capabilities, it has extremely high accuracy in identifying abnormal situations such as faces and intrusions.


Large and small dual-screen intelligent interaction: The body is equipped with a 19-inch advertising display and a 7-inch voice interaction screen, which is fully equipped to meet the needs of inquiry and advertising in various scenarios.


Advertising on the big screenAI voice interactionAutomotive hardware platformSupport secondary development



Product Features:


Autonomous driving


autonomous mappingfused positioningnavigation planningfused sensing
autonomous obstacle avoidanceone-click arrival automatic chargingfault self-testing


Basic functions


panoramic monitoringaudio broadcasttwo-way intercomtemperature and humidity monitoring
intelligent Q&A   infrared temperature measurementone-key alarmsmoke monitoring


Intelligent applications


patrol and take picturesface detectionlicense plate detectionintelligent detection
abnormal alarm patrol reportrecord traceback  



Application scenarios:









Government office halls


Product parameters:



Basic parameters



831 x 626 x 1230mm



Protection level

IP55 (standard )

Operating temperature


Adapt to walking surface

Indoor and outdoor flat roads

Control method

Autonomous walking|Remote control|RMS background|Mobile APP


Performance parameters


Maximum climbing angle


Maximum obstacle clearance height


Battery life

8 hours

Shock absorption method

Independent suspension

Sport mode

Four-wheel drive

Fast charging

2 hours

Turning radius

Turn in place|Turn radius is 0


250Wx 41024-line photoelectric encoder


Autonomous navigation


Maximum autonomous navigation speed


Maximum remote control speed


Navigation and positioning

3D LiDAR & SLAM algorithm





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